Jane Dentinger Photo

Jane Dentinger

Title: PhD Student
Email: jd2381@msstate.edu

Jane is a PhD student under Dr. Garrett Street using accelerometers to study animal behavior remotely. Originally from the San Francisco Bay, she completed her B.S. from the University of Southern California in 2013. Post-graduate she worked as a lab manager for a marine biogeochemistry lab that studied the microbiology of the seafloor. She spent two summers volunteering with Yosemite National Park's bear management team which sparked an interest in transitioning to terrestrial wildlife. She completed her masters under Dr. Street studying the movement, energetics and behavior of Wild pigs (Sus scrofa) using accelerometers. For her PhD, she's continuing to use accelerometers but for two separate projects. The first project is working with the Oklahoma City Zoo and their two black bears examining behavior, space use and energetics with particular interest in applications to animal welfare monitoring. The second project is working with Alaska's Department of Game and Fish and the Kenai Moose Research center to study how temperature affects moose behavior, space use and energetics.